Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chapter 27 - Spent the Day with Elder & Sister Watson

President Leota (left)  Elder Watson (2nd from right)
Stake Presidency of Pago East Stake in white shirts

10/28/12 –Today was such an incredible day.  We spent the day with Elder & Sister Watson, and President and Sister Leota and their daughter Pearl.  They were on island for the Pago Samoa Stake Conference.  Saturday we had training with them in the afternoon and attended the adult session that night.  We witnessed a miracle at that session.  Half way through the meeting one leg of the power went out just before the choir was to sing their special musical number, and the piano/organ needs power to work.  The musical number was a very difficult one - there were several places in the piece where the women were singing something completely different from the men, and one place where all four parts were singing four different things.  It would have been a challenge with the accompaniment, but to do it without was amazing!  The Spirit was so strong in the room that it felt like you could just reach out and touch it.  I know there were angels there helping the choir to sing that number.  It was amazing to witness. Sunday’s conference was so good.  A lot of it was in Samoan so we had to use headphones.  After the conference we were privileged to have dinner with Elder and Sister Watson, President and Sister Leota, as well as the stake presidency, the patriarch and their wives.  Then we all went out to the gravesite of one of the original missionaries who was called to Samoa.  We stood there thinking about what he must have sacrificed to bring the Gospel to this island and felt such gratitude to him.We all laid our leis down on the grave to show our respect.  It was a very special moment.  What a blessing for us to be able to spend time with President and Sister Watson.  He truly is a chosen servant of Heavenly Father.
President & Sister Watson, Dennis & Susan Jordan, Sister and President Leota
at the gravesite of one of the first missionaries in Samoa

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