Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chapter 24 - Clothes, Clothes and More Clothes

In the process of inspecting the missionary quarters we found there were clothes in them that had been left by other elders.  We told the missionaries to bring all the clothes that were not being used to our house and we would determine if any of them could be used.  One fale (house) had 4 large garbage bags of shirts, pants, socks and even garments.  Most of them were still good, so we laundered them and told the missionaries to look and see if there was anything they could use.  It was like shopping for several of them.   However, as a result I was busy adjusting the length of pants.  Most just needed to be shortened, but one elder needed to have his lengthened.  That was a challenge because I couldn’t find bias tape for a hem facing.  I was able to use fabric from some of the pants that I cut off, but I couldn’t find matching fabric for one really nice pair.  So I used the resources I had available.  I had a skirt that was almost a perfect match for color, so I shortened it a bit, using the hem I cut off as facing for the pants.  It worked out well for everyone.  Now the challenge is to get the extra cloths from the other fales and start the process again.  We have new missionaries coming this week, so there will always be a need.  If the missionaries can’t use the clothes there are always members that would be happy to take them off our hands.  Many of the missionaries leave their clothes when they go home – so they can be recycled.  Jeff & Michael left most of theirs when they came home.  Missionaries can be quite resourceful…  I am just thankful that I have some sewing experience so I can help out.

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