Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chapter 31 - Coconut Point Young Adult Activity

11/10/12 – What a great day!  We got engaged 45 years ago tonight.  We can’t believe it has been that long.   Five more years and it will be our 50th.  Seems like just yesterday that we were planning Mom and Dad’s 50th anniversary…  Time goes by so fast.
We celebrated by attending a YSA (Young Single Adult) activity in one of the wards.  We went out to an area of the island called Coconut Point.  It was right on the ocean.  We were in a grove of coconut trees.  It had two fales in the grove and right in the middle they built a huge bonfire!  It was 85 degrees – the fire was not needed for warmth – only atmosphere…  We played a couple of games, roasted hot dogs and even made s-mores. We were asked to share our testimonies on the importance of ‘gathering’.  And surprise, surprise – it rained on us!   Almost like being at Girl’s Camp.  It made me think of the beautiful Young Women in our ward at home, and made me realize how much I miss them!

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