Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chapter 32 - Family Home Evening with a General Authority

12/17/12 – Tonight we were invited to have Family Home Evening with Elder Haleck, one of the Seventies, and his wife Peggy.  What a wonderful opportunity to be taught by him.  They made us feel so comfortable in their home.  
They also invited the members and investigators from the Philippines that we have had the privilege of working with since we got here.  Henry and Judith were baptized a couple of weeks after we arrived.  Then he invited Richard and Myra to come to church with them.  Myra was already a member, but Richard was not.  He accepted the Gospel with open arms, and from there is has just mushroomed.  There were about 25 in attendance.  If things keep going, it won’t be too long before we will have a Philippine Branch!  It is so awesome to hear them bear their testimonies and see the change they have made in their lives.  The three that were baptized last week were all chain smokers and spent their weekends drinking.  We witnessed a miracle as they gave up their previous lifestyle and got themselves ready for baptism.  Sister Haleck served Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner.  Our friends from the Philippines were not sure about the food.  But after they tasted it they seemed to enjoy it.  Many of them joined us on Thanksgiving, and they were not sure about our Thanksgiving food either…
After dinner entertainment...
The evening was so special.  We hated to see it end.  Another great blessing for us!  Heavenly Father must really love us to bless us with the opportunities and experiences we are having.  Except for health reasons,  there really isn't a good reason not to serve a senior mission…  Dear friends, follow the prophet and prepare to serve!
Blessed to be with special friends this Christmas Season

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