Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chapter 25 - Family History Presentation

10/26/12 – Tonight we were able to be part of an open house for the Pago Samoa Stake.  The mission had 12 beautiful banners made that tell a different faith promoting story about some of early church members and their experiences in the early days of the church in Samoa.  We have so many wonderful pioneer stories, but these islands have pioneer stories of their own.  The idea behind the open house was to encourage members and non-members alike to record the stories of their families that are such an important part of their heritage.  They also showed a video about the early history of the Church in Samoa.  There were about 500 people in attendance, including people from the media.  We were interviewed by the local newspaper, and were able to meet many dignitaries on the island.  The neat thing was after they went through the display and viewed the video many of them stayed around and asked questions about the Church.  
It was a very successful evening.  We gave the gentleman that interviewed us from the newspaper 3 different issues of the Friend Magazine for his 3 little girls.  He expressed a real interest.  So for the two of us, we felt like we had maybe played a part in someone wanting to investigate the Church.  We were on our feet for 8 hours, and dog-tired when we fell into bed, but what a great experience!  It was worth being tired.  We are being touched everyday by the Spirit and are so blessed to be part of this great work.  Tomorrow and Sunday we will be at a stake conference with a member of the area presidency, Elder Watson and his wife.  We met them yesterday, and it was so great just to be in their presence. 

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