Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chapter 26 - Bananas & Pineapples

Cutting a bunch of bananas from the banana tree at our house...

Bananas hanging on our porch
We had three bunches of bananas growing on our trees when we got here.  We just cut the last bunch.  Each one had about 60 bananas each on them.  The first bunch we put in the shower so they could ripen.  They all ripened at once!  So I spent the morning grinding them up and freezing them for banana bread.  Then we found out from one of our ‘angels’ (the men that sit in front of our gate each night) the proper way to do it so the bananas don’t all ripen at once.  He came over and hung them up for us and covered them with a plastic bag to keep the bugs out. 
Plastic bag protects the bananas from
the bugs.
He is also the one who is trying to help us with the language.  We have a lot of fun with him.  It will be about 4 months before the bananas are ready to pick again…  
12/27/12 - About two months later - we have bananas growing again and they should be ready in about two weeks...  We are enjoying the sweetest pineapple we have ever tasted...  When they cut the top of the pineapple, they plant it in the ground and about a year later you can begin harvesting pineapples off the plant.  Not only do they taste good - but the plant is beautiful...
Pineapple plant...

If you get sick and need to be seen by a doctor, you have to go to the hospital first and apply for a medical number.  After you get the medical number you can make an appointment to see the doctor or wait at the emergency room – average wait time is 3 hours.  But if you call an ambulance they get you right in – usually.  So most people call the ambulance.  After you have seen the doctor, and it is decided that you need a prescription, that is another 2 -3 hour wait.  Besides the LBJ Hospital, there are two clinics on the island, but the only pharmacy is at the hospital.  So it is best to not get sick, unless you want to be at the hospital all day.  

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