Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chapter 9c - More pictures of the house...

Well, I just turned on the computer and even with the power bump I guess the post went anyway...  When I turned it on right after neither of them showed up so I thought they were lost in cyber-space...  I can't believe it!  Oh well - this will show the guest bedroom and bath.

This is the bathroom in the hall.  

This is the guest bedroom.  It also has a king-size bed.

This little gecko lived in our shower for about a week.  He stayed up
close to the ceiling...  We named him "Chase" because he gave us chase
every time we tried to catch him...
He is the only one we have seen in the house - but they eat the bugs, so
we consider them our friends...

This is our carport.  We have never had to empty
our garbage can since we got here.  The
people in the village do it for us.
Have I mentioned before how well they treat the missionaries?
It does not matter if they are members of the Church or not - they consider
it an honor the look after the missionaries...
Every night about 9:00 we have 2 - 4 men from the village that sit outside our gate to make sure no one bothers us or the house.  They stay until about midnight...  Again, it is something they do to show respect for the missionaries.  So I guess you can say we have our own body guards...   We have taken them cookies a couple of times and told them how much we appreciate what they do for us.

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