Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chapter 9 - Pictures of our house

Please excuse the chapter 7 post...  I was tired when I did it and accidentally put in some pictures of the inside of the house - after I realized that I had named a post chapter 8 and missed 7 all together...   This afternoon I was ready to  post again and we had a power bump and I lost everything.  So I took a break and make cookies...  Anyway, I am going to try again to send some pictures of our house.  We were really surprised when we got here at how nice the house is.  There is no sacrifice here as far as the living conditions - except we do have to buy bottled water to drink.  The water filter on the sink in the kitchen does not filter out the harmful stuff - it only makes the water taste better.  But we only have to pay $3.00 for 5 gallons, and the place where we buy it is on the way to the post office, so it is no big deal.   We have an extra step when we do dishes - we have to rinse them twice - first in hot water and then in water that has a little bleach added to it.  But other than the water issue (which we expected) everything is great!   
This is the house from the front.  The living area and kitchen are behind the van.
The bedrooms/bathrooms run from front to back (left side).  The carport is on the right side...
Standing in front of the TV - facing the dining room.  The door goes out to the carport.
The kitchen is on the left. 
Standing by the dining table.  Next to the entry to the hall is the study area.

This is the front entrance to the house.  On the wall opposite the desk are two bookcases.
That is where the mission supplies for the missionaries are kept.
All of the rooms have big windows so it is nice and bright...
I can see the ocean out the kitchen window.
It is too far away to hear the waves, but I can see them crash onto the shore...
There is a sister in the ward that brings a flower arrangement for the chapel each Sunday.
She gets the flowers from her yard.
The first Sunday she gave it to me and said she would be honored if I would take the arrangement
each week to brighten up our house!

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