Monday, March 18, 2013

Chapter 43 - Our Own Little Miracle

We continue to pray everyday for the energy and strength we need to meet the demands of our mission.  Every day brings new challenges and surprises.  We have learned that whatever is planned for the day can be changed with every phone call and that flexibility is the key.  At night we literally fall into bed wondering what the next day will bring, and pray that we will have the energy to meet it’s challenges.  The other morning at institute I suddenly realized that almost without exception, every prayer that is offered by our wonderful students includes a request to the Lord for us – that we will have the strength and energy to do all that is required of us to meet the needs of our mission.  It is not always those exact words, but almost without exception, every prayer they offer expresses thanks for us with the plea for that blessing. The first time I heard it I thought to myself, “We must look awfully OLD to these young people – otherwise why would they make that request?”  

It was not until the other day that I realized the miracle…  Because of their continued prayers we are being blessed with the energy and stamina we had twenty years ago, and that is why we wake each morning with renewed strength!  Between their prayers and those of our wonderful missionaries we are being blessed with “strength beyond our own”.

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