Monday, March 18, 2013

Chapter 42 - Fanene Celebraton

Chapter 42 - Fanene Celebration

Sister Ana Fanene next to her husband's grave
On Saturday, January 19th, we were invited by the Fanene Family to a celebration in honor of their father who died about a year ago.  When a person dies they have a celebration after they have been gone for a year and they unveil the headstone.  David Penirose Sainila Fanene was an awesome musician and he passed his musical talents onto his family.  They had dinner and a program with lots of dancing and singing.  His band (which included a brother) played for the event.  It was such an honor the be invited.  

Daughters and granddaughters


Family members dancing

One of the son's, Marvin is an NFL football player.  He built this home for his parents.  It is known as the "mansion" and when it was built, Brother Fanene said the third floor was to be an apartment for the missionaries.  The elders that are lucky enough to live there are really blessed.  There is actually two rooms/each with a bathroom that could house missionaries - with a large sitting room in between for their use.

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