Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chapter 40 - We Found K-Mart

After 5 months on the island, we have learned we can find almost anything we need or want - for a price...  We have learned which stores have the best prices and which store to go to if we want certain things.  We have also learned that if we see something - BUY IT NOW, because it may not be there when we go back.  We learned that with sour cream, shaving cream, cloves, make-up, Chicken in a Biskit and Wheat Thins...  It seems like if we ask for something to be sent, it always shows up somewhere...  It is a challenge, but kind of fun at the same time.  The other day we were saying if we had a Walmart or K-mart we would be able to get most anything.  Well, guess what?  WE FOUND K-MART!!!  But the selection is not quite the same...
The other day we had to get the tires changed on our van.  We drove into the dealer and they directed us to their customer waiting area....  We were happy that at least we had chairs to sit in...

And here is proof that the dogs really do use the crosswalks...  Wish the humans were as smart!

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