Thursday, June 6, 2013


NEED FOR SENIOR MISSIONARIES – One of the senior missionaries serving in our mission wrote a description of what senior missionaries do, and how vital they are to the missions of the Church.  He put into words exactly what each of the seniors in our mission feel.  We share it because it is so timely and clearly shows how necessary seniors are to the success of the work.  There is much more work to do than there are people to do it.  It is up to us to move forward with faith and heed the call of our prophet.  The message hasn’t changed – THE LORD NEEDS SENIOR MISSIONARIES……
Elder Osborne wrote, “As we look back on each week I am always surprised at how quickly each week seems to pass. Whether the week has been good, or a little disappointing, my perspective of time and eternity increases with time. There is so much work to be done, a finite amount of time to do it, and our time is drawing short.  As we visited with other senior missionaries this week, we talked about how logistical and task oriented much of the work we do is but how essential it is to the souls of the people here.  Mission staffs support the work of our proselyting missionaries and take care of everything from cars and housing to having B of M’s on the shelves; we have missionaries who train ward leaders on finances and membership record matters so they can take care of the operations of the wards; there are missionaries that teach teachers and missionaries who watch out for the health of missionaries and deal with those problems; and we have missionaries working with young adults and others supporting PEF and the education and employment training needs of a people, preparing them to maintain Zion.  There are also humanitarian missionaries, spread thin with the many projects the Church is sponsoring to support the people and improve their health and living conditions. And then there is us, just doing what we do and like everyone else, we have hope that the things we do may save one soul now that will in turn, bless the lives of generations to come. And so it’s all missionary work with one common focus regardless of the form it takes.” 

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