Tuesday, June 4, 2013


FROM INSTITUTE STUDENT TO MISSIONARY – Since January, we have bid farewell to so many of our students as they leave to enter the mission field.  It is so exciting to see their excitement.    It is bittersweet for us, because we know that we will probably never see them again and we have grown to love each of them so much!  
Ammon Autule (on the right) was our first institute student

Jacqueline Frost - Called to the Utah St. George Mission

Jaspm Tufele
Helaman Percell - Called to the Philippines.  Both he and his si

Alfred Seui
Lauren Folau - Still Waiting for her call (June 1st)

Anna Taituuga

Alex Willis

Elder Jeno Tuigamala

Sister Latone Grey

Ezra Sautia (center) Hillary Purcell have both received their calls...
PICTURE OF THE MISSIONARY BOARD AT THE PBO - showing all those who have received their calls and are waiting for departure...  Names are added everyday!

PICTURE OF OUR PREACH MY GOSPEL CLASS - We teach it on Thursday evenings at our house.  We started out with two - but have had as high as 26.  They teach the class in each of the five stakes on the island, but not in English.  So most of these awesome young people attend both classes.  What an inspiration and blessing it is for us to have them in our home.


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