Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chapter 16 The Adventure Continues...

10/2/12 - WE FOUND CLOVES….

We have been able to find almost anything we want or need as far as food goes.  But when you find it, you better buy it, because when it is gone, it may be awhile before you can find it again.  We looked and looked for sour cream, and when we saw it we bought two.  Well it is almost gone, and we can’t find it anywhere.  Maybe some will be on the next container…  But when we got here we couldn’t find Cloves, which goes my applesauce chocolate chip cookie recipe.  We had a hard time finding applesauce as well.  So I put out the word that we needed someone to send us Cloves.  Thanks to Jeff, Alicia and Tammy we now have that much needed item.  But the other day we went into a store we shop at frequently and they had put up a new shelf above the fish freezer.  On it was CLOVES – and nothing else – only Cloves – probably 75 little bottles.  Then we went into Cost U Less (a smaller version of Costco) for some chocolate chips, and they had HUGE bottles of cloves – but no chocolate chips….  It is crazy – but never dull.  So we learned BUY IT WHEN YOU SEE IT…. 

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