Tuesday, August 2, 2016


When we returned home from our mission to Samoa in May 2014, we never dreamed that we would have the opportunity to return - especially to serve another mission.  We were saddened to leave many wonderful friends - who had become like family to us.  However, we got an unexpected email from mission president in March 2015 (just 10 months after our return) asking if we would consider returning.  To make a long story short, we were delighted, but hesitant at the same time.  There were several issues that had to be worked out before we could commit, but, while on a pioneer trek at Martin's Cove with our youth, we both received confirmation that returning to serve another mission was the will of our Heavenly Father.  So, we proceeded to fill out mission papers and prepare for our return.  Although it was really hard to leave family again, we knew it was what we had to do.  We entered the MTC in Provo, Utah for a week of training and instruction.
The elders and sisters in our district were such great examples to us.  At the end of the week, we all parted to different parts of the world, anxious to serve in whatever capacity was needed.  We left Salt Lake on January 11 and arrived in Apia, Samoa 23 hours later.  But because we had crossed the International Date Line, so it was now the 13h - my birthday.  They had a welcome dinner for us the next evening, with a birthday cake to celebrate...  However, we were both sick and couldn't leave the bathroom - so glad there were two in the house we were staying in...  So we missed the celebration...  It was great to spend a couple of day in Apia before flying to Tutuila (American Samoa) to begin our journey.  We arrived on Saturday, and we were to start teaching institute the following Tuesday.  Our class schedule   Meeting the missionaries that were now serving on Tutuila was such  treat.  They welcomed us with open arms and in many ways it felt like we had never left.  It was so fun to watch peoples reaction when they saw us and realized that we had returned.  When we were here before, we saw 26 of our students leave for their missions.  As they each left we thought we would probably never see them again.  Now we had the blessing of seeing them return...  We taught four classes - twice a week (Monday - Thursday).  
We taught two new classes that have just been added - Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel, and Foundations of the Restoration, as well as Book of Mormon- Part 2 and Doctrine and Covenants - Part 2.  The RM's started a new club - Endure to the End, and it is fun to be part of that great group.  

It is now the 2nd of August and we have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to do anything with our blog.  We can't believe that we are 7 months into our mission already.  I started a post several times and when I attempted to post it, the information was lost.  I will end this post and the next one will be a summary of the last 7 months.  It has been quite a ride...  We miss everyone at home so much, but are finding joy in being part of this mission again.

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