Monday, July 1, 2013


This week we bid farewell to another of our institute students, Brock Goodwin.  He will be serving in the Colorado Springs Mission.  We were invited to attend his setting apart.  It was so awesome to be there with his family and witness a great priesthood blessing. 
Brock Goodwin
Dennis was asked to stand in the circle and that was so special for him.  The member of the stake presidency who set him apart felt more confortable doing it in Samoan, but everyone else in attendance spoke English so they passed out headphones to us all (including Brock) so we could understand the words of the blessing.  It was kind of funny….
On Tuesday we had dinner with the Bracken’s a special couple from St. George.  He makes prosthetics for a living and has opened an office here.  He will fly in every 6 weeks to meet with patients and try to help those needing his services.  When he first decided to come he didn’t know why, but felt impressed that he should make a trip to Samoa.  On his first Sunday here he introduced himself and after class he realized why he had received the impression to come.  We have a sister here who has an artificial foot, but it was broken and too small for her (I think I shared her story on a previous post).  Anyway, walking was almost impossible for her, yet she didn’t let it stop her from doing missionary work.  He was able get a new foot for her and now he will be instrumental in helping so many others.  What a blessing he will be to the island.  
I mentioned that we are leaving on the 3rd of July to spend some time in Upolu and Savai’i.  When we told the missionaries we were going to be gone for 10 days some of them had sheer panic on their faces.  One said, “Sister Jordan, who will fix our formula?”  We all had a good laugh, but it is humbling to know that we are appreciated and that they will miss us while we are gone.
Three of our missionaries
Elder Puailoa, Elder Moon, Elder Feaunati
were transferred this week.  It is always so hard to see them go.  But transfers are part of the mission experience and when faith is exercised, there are always great blessings that come with the changes.
One of the missionaries who served on our island wrote and asked if we could find him some new pants.  A lot of the missionaries wear Dickies brand because they are so durable.  He needed a very popular size and we had to go to five stores to find two pair the right size and color.  As it was, I had to shorten both pairs because we couldn’t find the size he needed.  Besides shortening his pants, I mended or hemmed 7 other pairs of pants this week, as well a mending 3 ties.  I am so glad I learned how to sew – that knowledge comes in handy every week.
After three weeks of waiting we finally got our fridge fixed – I think – now instead of not being cold enough it is too cold and almost everything froze last night.  Do you know that when hard-boiled eggs freeze, they crack and turn black?
WE FOUND MIRACLE WHIP - The other day we went into a store and they had Miracle Whip.  I was excited! We haven’t been able to get it before, and some foods just taste better to me with Miracle Whip.  Anyway, I snatched it up with a smile on my face.  The smile faded a bit when it rang up at $9.00 for a 30 oz. jar!  But I bought it anyway!!!
One of the members brought us two beautiful fish the other night. 
One was the most beautiful blue - with scales the size of quarters and just as hard.  Even with scissors and "sort of good knife" - I use that term loosely,   it was almost impossible to cut through them.  After he cleaned them, there was enough for six meals.  I cooked the blue fish the other night and it was so moist and tender – it just melted in your mouth. 
The variety of fish here is amazing and so far it is all delicious…
Saturday night we were invited to an Eagle Court of Honor for one of our students who will be leaving on his mission to the Philippines in a couple of weeks.  It brought back so many memories of when our sons were in Scouting.  We missed our first grandson, Andrew, receiving his Eagle Scout Award.  And if things go according to plan, Alec will receive his before we get back.  Although we hate not being there for their special events it does not minimize the pride we have for them and their accomplishments.
We didn’t make it without making a trip to the hospital.  Elder Hansen had his ingrown toenail removed.  We got to the hospital about 9:00 and arrived home at 3:30.  But we are happy to report that both toe and patient are doing great! 
The other day the check engine light (resembles a smiley face) came on in one of the vans driven by the missionaries.  Several days went by before they mentioned it to us.  When we asked why they didn’t tell us when it first went on, the elder’s response was, “Oh I thought when it came on it was just because it was so happy to see me!”  Proving again that despite the fact that these young men are awesome missionaries, they still are boys in so many ways…. And oh how we love them!
Our Scouts at home made a trip to Lake Powell this week.  We know they had a great time – who can’t go there without making awesome memories?  Thanks Sean for sharing pictures of the trip.  We have heard that it was HOT, HOT, HOT… 
Our thought for the week - "What makes you happy is seeing someone smile and knowing you put it there."  Unknown
Smile this week!  Love you all!!! 

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